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Reading to a couple of Rugrats.
Rubber Chicken’s 1st art experience!
Thinking outside the box!

A little about me:

I was the youngest in my family, in our neighborhood and in school. I think that is why I am still a kid at heart.

Growing up in small-town Iowa, family and friends were everything until I went to our local library. I can still remember the joy I felt in selecting my own adventures. In the library, all of my dreams were possible, even my dream of learning to read. The road to reading was long and hard for me, but despite my Dyslexia, I loved everything about books. I loved the way they smelled, the way they felt, and how their words magically transported me to places unknown. I still feel that way today.

Eventually, when I mastered reading, I finished school and went to college.  After I completed my degree, I moved back home to teach. Of course, I kept visiting the library and soon I was working there as a children’s librarian. Eventually, I became the head librarian and the one in charge of the fun!

Now I have the best of everything, I get to go to the library all the time, play with the kids who stop by, and be the first one to read the new books when they arrive (sometimes I let someone else take a turn).

My favorite thing about books is how they have allowed me to make friends. The ones I have collected live on the shelves in my studio. You may know some of them like the Cat in the Hat, Peter Rabbit, Sylvester or Buzz Lightyear. Lately, I have been spending time getting to know some new friends for my upcoming stories. If you look closely at the pictures to the left, you’ll see some of them are real characters.

When I’m not at the library, you’ll usually find me hanging out with one of our five kids or our grandchildren.  Even now, we’re probably sharing a book, playing ball, drawing, getting wet in some sort of water, or snuggling animals.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy reading and writing!